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We build software
in all work environment

We enable startups and enterprises to leverage our software development centers which assist in transforming their ideas into successful solutions. Boost your development capabilities by outsourcing mobile and web development to our dedicated developers.

Think Offshore.
Think Peerbits.

Peerbits has now become synonymous to offshore development service excellence. Hire offshore teams of developers from Peerbits to avail the below benefits.

Your own virtual
development team

We understand your project requirements so that we can assign you the best team of offshore dedicated development experts that can deliver you with most innovative and best-in-class solutions for your start-ups and enterprises.

Upscale your
Development capabilities

Hire dedicated remote employees from Peerbits to enhance and upscale your development capabilities to an extent where you can easily deliver projects and solutions having complex and challenging requirements.

Leverage quick &
Cost-efficient deployment

We deploy our best offshore remote team for your project in a matter of a few weeks and days. Our remote team deployment is both faster and more cost-efficient as compared to traditional in-house recruitment.

Hire dedicated virtual developers
For any technology

No matter what technology you’re working on, we have a team of offshore dedicated development experts that possess expertise in all the major technologies. Over the years these freelance offshore developers have successfully built solutions based on various technologies.

Mobile app development

We make top-notch mobile applications for multiple platforms like iOS, Android, Xamarin, etc.

Build Your Team

Frontend development

Our remote front-end developers build secure and robust applications that deliver unique solutions.

Build Your Team



Backend development

Our offshore backend development team creates solutions which offer top-notch user experience.

Build Your Team

Database development

Our offshore developers collect, organize, and obtain key insights from humungous amounts of data

Build Your Team






How your own
Virtual development team works

Once you hire your offshore development team, it follows all the steps that are required to develop your customized solutions. Over the years, our team of offshore dedicated development experts have achieved consistent results by following these below steps.


Bring together the right people in the team

We manage everything from vetting to choosing the right people in the team for you.


Efficient sprint planning

We plan efficient sprint roadmap for team members to collaborate effectively.


Code tech architecture

We decouple the codes which enable your remote development team to work faster and independently.


Iterative delivery approach

We break the implementation process into smaller pieces to deliver value incrementally.


Code reviews

We identify issues like file leaks, memory leaks, and performance signs with code reviews.


Standups & demos

Weekly reviews, demos, and standups ensure coordination among team members and the client.

Your quest for the perfect
remote team ends here

The below stats are the testimony to the fact that we have the best Offshore Remote Team Specialists.

Our Presence
Years of Experience
In-House Talent
Project Delivered
Client satisfaction rate
Hours of Efforts
peerbits home testimonial

Peerbits has delivered all our project needs well within deadlines. They works as your in-house team, we highly recommend them.

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Get a glimpse of our work

All our case studies describe all the important aspects of a solution like its idea, design, and features. It also mentions the challenges that we faced and how we overcame with appropriate solutions.

Awards, accolades, recognition
received by Peerbits

Over the years, we have helped countless startups and enterprises by providing them with virtual development centre that has produced some top-notch solutions. Our continuous high-class work has also received many awards and recognition which are shown below.

Our clients
Over the years

Over the years, Peerbits has assisted enterprises across the globe by delivering them with a team of offshore dedicated development experts. These Offshore Remote Team Specialists have developed solutions of unmatched quality for all the clients across the globe. Have a look at some of our satisfied clients.

Blogs, news, and insights
Worth exploring

We at Peerbits are technology freaks and we are passionate about discussing the latest technologies and its applications. We regularly write blogs and articles related to the field of technology. So, don’t miss our authentic and insightful write-ups.

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